• Europe's finest roads

    The thrill of the Cannonball Run is not knowing where the route will take you each day; whether it is the freedom of the open roads of Belgium, the sweeping coastal roads of France or the winding mountain passes of Italy

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  • Breathtaking Scenery

    Europe has some of the world’s most stunning landscapes on offer. Each year, the Cannonball Run takes in a variety of locations with scenery to wow the senses

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  • World Class Tracks

    One guarantee is the opportunity to drive on a world class motor circuit at tracks such as the Red Bull Ring, Imola, Monza, Hangaroring and the Ascari Circuit

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About the Event

Cannonball Run Europe is a challenging event for people that love life, driving and cars with the added intrigue of a ‘top secret’ journey. The lure is to experience the thrill of driving on a mission, not knowing what each day might hold, while being part of the history of the legendary Cannonball Run.

Travelling 2,500 miles across the European Continent in six days Cannonballers tackle demanding roads and take in breathtaking scenery, not knowing where the journey will take them.

At the end of each day’s mission, Cannonballers arrive at one of Europe’s finest five star hotels to sample the very best in local food and drink and relax with new friends culminating in a black tie gala dinner and finale party at the end of the week.


2017 Event

The Original Cannonball Run Europe

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