• Europe's finest roads

    The thrill of the Cannonball Run is not knowing where the route will take you each day; whether it is the freedom of the open roads of Belgium, the sweeping coastal roads of France or the winding mountain passes of Italy

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  • Breathtaking Scenery

    Europe has some of the world’s most stunning landscapes on offer. Each year, the Cannonball Run takes in a variety of locations with scenery to wow the senses

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  • World Class Tracks

    One guarantee is the opportunity to drive on a world class motor circuit at tracks such as the Red Bull Ring, Imola, Monza, Hangaroring and the Ascari Circuit

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What else do I need to budget for?

You will need to budget for petrol or diesel, tolls, refreshments and snacks during the day and personal spending money.

It is advisable to carry an amount of cash with you in euros should you encounter any unplanned expenses, for example whilst driving through rural areas where you may not be able to use a credit card.

Will you be putting stickers on the cars?

Cannonball Run Europe is more discreet than other events; we don’t set out to draw attention to ourselves on the road, quite the opposite. For this reason we don’t put any decals on the Cannonball Cars when they head out on the road.

How many cars will there be?

You can expect 20-30 cars on the event.

What countries will we be travelling to?

The route will remain TOP SECRET right up until the start of each leg of the journey. What we can say is that we will remain within the boundaries of Continental Europe. Your mission packs will include any pertinent information you may need about the countries you are travelling through.

What happens if I encounter any problems whilst on the event?

Inside every mission pack you will find contact details for the event team - the Cannonball Crew – who is there to assist you wherever possible. Please note that we are unable to provide you with mechanical support/backup therefore it is imperative that you have a seven day European road side recovery plan.

Is this a race?

The Cannonball Run Europe is definitely not a race. We do not encourage, condone or award any participants for racing on public roads. This is an event with specifically designed elements of adventure that do not require you to speed or race in any way.

Do I need a sports car to enter?

Participants do not need a sports car to enter. You should ensure that your car is reliable as the Cannonball Run is a strenuous driving experience and the last thing you would want to do is spend most of your time waiting for roadside recovery. The event is as much about the people and the driving experience as it is about the cars. You will find a mixture of cars on the event ranging from supercars to the slightly eccentric.

Should I bring any spare parts?

Yes, definitely a spare tyre, but beyond that you need to consider the distance we are travelling and additional weight in your vehicle. Please ensure your car is in top condition before the event.

Will I need different currencies?

Nowadays you can expect to pay for just about everything with credit cards, but it is very wise to carry an amount of euros in cash with you when travelling across Europe. Should you need any additional currencies whilst on the road you will be advised in your mission packs.

What about dress code?

The dress code is casual during the day and smart casual in the evenings; we will be staying in five star hotels. On the final night we have a black tie gala dinner and awards ceremony followed by a private party. There is a free suit delivery service, one hanging bag per person, from start to finish venue should you choose not to carry all your luggage with you on the Run.

Where will we be starting and finishing?

The start and finish locations for 2015 will be in France. Details of the venues will be announced in due course.

Can we invite other people along to see us off at the start and meet us at the finish?

Yes of course. These events are not generally open to the public and will be held in private discreet locations, but you are welcome to invite people along to wave you off and welcome you back. The final night is open for you to invite people to join the grand finale gala dinner and party. Details of tickets and prices will be sent to you in the months leading up to the Run.

What help can you give if I’m travelling from abroad to enter?

We can help with shipping and insurance for your car, as well as accommodation for the night before we set off on the road. For more details contact us as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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