• Europe's finest roads

    The thrill of the Cannonball Run is not knowing where the route will take you each day; whether it is the freedom of the open roads of Belgium, the sweeping coastal roads of France or the winding mountain passes of Italy

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  • Breathtaking Scenery

    Europe has some of the world’s most stunning landscapes on offer. Each year, the Cannonball Run takes in a variety of locations with scenery to wow the senses

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  • World Class Tracks

    One guarantee is the opportunity to drive on a world class motor circuit at tracks such as the Red Bull Ring, Imola, Monza, Hangaroring and the Ascari Circuit

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Don't just take our word for it. Browse through our testimonial library to hear what Cannonballers have to say about the Original Cannonball Run car rally across Europe.

"We thought the event overall was amazing and can't wait to do it again! The Cannonball team were brilliant throughout and helped no matter what question was asked; when they didn’t know the answer they found out. This makes the trip so enjoyable, combined with the fabulous locations and group who attended."

Mark and Paul, BMW i8 (2016)

"Thanks for a wonderfully organised week, great hotels, great restaurants and great company. A credit to you and your team. The excitement and anticipation was built up during the months before the event and the execution on each day was perfectly planned. The selection of hotels and restaurants was excellent. The Cannonball Crew were all very helpful and friendly, and always understanding.
Look forward to meeting everyone again very soon."

Freddie and Stuart, Jaguar XFR (2016)

"Thank you for an excellent week’s driving and night time venues. Of the four Cannonball's I have done this was overall the best event to date."

Paul and Sean, Porsche 911 Turbo (2016)

“This was our third Run in 6 years and was the best to date exceeding our expectations. Great people, fantastic venues, superb track day and wonderful driving roads with the surprise of a new challenge every day. Without doubt the best week you will spend with your car.”

Paul and Sean, Porsche 911 Turbo (2015)

“Yet again amazing roads, amazing hotels and best of all an amazing group of Cannonballers, look forward to next year, with or without a gearbox.”

Richard, Bentley Arnage (2015)

“Fast, Furious & Fun!! It was a real delight to drive in the 2015 Cannonball Run Europe. Great people and fab locations where our all girls team did some really cool driving adventures and played hard!”

Kaz and Jasmine, Ford Ranger Wildrak (2015)

"Taking part in the Cannonball Run seemed a fitting way to celebrate a 40th birthday year. It was a great mix of challenging driving, spectacular scenery and beautiful places to stay. Underpinning the whole experience is social time with like-minded adventurers who love cars and appreciate luxury. It’s an unforgettable combination. We enjoyed the whole experience so much, we’ll be returning next year, this time no significant birthday required."

Jonathan and Karen, McLaren 12c (2015)

"As first time Cannonballers I must say that the hospitality was exceptional. I found everyone very friendly and accommodating. The support was great and the driving experience was exceptional."

Michael and Peter, Ferrari 458 Italia (2015)

"If you have a bucket list in life, and everyone should in my opinion, then Cannonball should be in the top ten of things to do before you leave this world. I have done many things in my life but Cannonball is one I keep coming back to do. I love the places we end up at, the drives, the people and the unknown destination element each evening for the next day. Who knows, I may even win it one year, I hope you’re all on-board when that happens."

John, Porsche Turbo 911 (2015)

“We can truly say what an amazing week! First class hotels, fantastic cars and found some amazing new friends. Memories of the Stelvio Pass will last forever. It really is a unique once in a lifetime experience that you can do every year! Thank you Team CBRE. See you next year.”

Gordon and Jan, Porsche 911 (2014)

“Whilst I am not really well versed in doing something like this, the week spent on Cannonball Run Europe was probably the best experience I have ever enjoyed (with my car that is!), from start to finish the organisation was second to none, all the destinations, hotels and attention to detail were absolutely spot on. As a virgin Cannonballer, I can assure you that I will be back for another chance to be part of a very special week.”

David and Simon, Ferrari California (2014)

“CBRE 2014 was a fantastic experience that allowed us to push our car and ourselves to the limit in true Cannonball style whilst staying in 5 star resorts and enjoying the company of like-minded people from around the globe. We were so impressed that we have booked in for CBRE 2015 straight away. The track day and mountain passes will live with us for a life time, truly awesome.”

Paul and Sean, Porsche 911 Turbo (2014)

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