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Cannonball Run Europe Reviews

Gee BMW M3 (Bahrain),CBRE 2017
Amazing experience! It gets better each year. 2017 so far has been my favourite.

Peter Audi R8 (Bahrain), CBRE 2017
Well it started as a tick off the bucket list, 7 runs later and each seems to get better, great people who become friends, runs and places that I would never have seen so what can I say but to make 8, bring it on !!! 

Dareen BMW M3 (Bahrain), CBRE 2017
I miss it already and cannot wait for the next one! Having done it a few years now, it only gets better! The driving, the scenery, the camaraderie, the food, the hotels– and the fact that you don’t know where your going, and no matter how many times you try to guess you still get it wrong!! It’s been really good fun and very well organised. The crew have been awesome too! I definitely look forward to next year’s.

Mark & Esther Audi R8 V10 Spider (Spain), CBRE 2017
Cannonball Run 2017, an incredible adventure, what an absolute ridiculous blast it was. No words can describe the fun we all had, so many laughs and memories. We can’t wait for next year!!

Mark & Sarah BMW i8 (UK), CBRE 2017
2nd time on Cannonball Run Europe. Both times have been one of the best weeks of the year for me and the people who go are just amazing, we don’t stop laughing all week. The roads you get to drive are just awesome, each day is a surprise and you get to stay in the best hotels Europe has to offer.
All you need is a car, a sat nav and away you go, the Cannonball Crew do the rest so you haven’t got to worry about a thing, just go and enjoy. #CBRE 2018 here we come – Can’t wait

Mark & Svetlana Chevrolet Camero ‘Bumblebee’ (Malta), CBRE 2017
Supercars are great but they need to be driven on great roads, to great hotels. Great company, camaraderie and having everything organised for you makes it even better. Throw in great food and drink, a competitive element and lots of surprises and you have Cannonball. JUST DO IT!!

Perry & Kirst Aston Martin Vanquish (Malta), CBRE 2017
An adventure, an experience, a game changer. Literally one of the best weeks we’ve ever experienced and we didn’t even know where we were going! Believe the hype, this is the real deal.

Paul & Alex Mercedes AMG Cabriolet (USA), CBRE 2017
Thank you for an amazing experience. We had such a great time, one we will never forget.

Paul & Simon Porsche 911 Turbo (UK), CBRE 2016
Thank you for an excellent week’s driving and night time venues, of the 4 Cannonballs we’ve done this was overall the best event to date. 

Freddie & Stuart Jaguar XFR (UK), CBRE 2016
Thanks for a wonderfully organised week, great hotels, great restaurants and great company. A credit to you and your team. The excitement and anticipation was built up during the months before the event and the execution on each day was perfectly planned. The selection of hotels and restaurants was excellent. The Cannonball Crew were all very helpful and friendly, and always understanding.
Look forward to meeting everyone again very soon.

Mark & Paul BMW i8 (UK), CBRE 2016
We thought the event overall was amazing and can’t wait to do it again! The Cannonball team were brilliant throughout and helped no matter what question was asked; when they didn’t know the answer they found out. This makes the trip so enjoyable, combined with the fabulous locations and group who attended.

John Porsche Turbo 911 (UK), CBRE 2015
If you have a bucket list in life and everyone should in my opinion, then Cannonball should be in the top 10 things to do before you leave this world. I’ve done many things in my life but Cannonball is one I keep coming back to do. I love the places we end up at, the drives, the people and the unknown destination element each evening for the next day. Who knows, I may even win it one year, I hope you’re all on-board when that happens 

Richard Bentley Arnage (UK) CBRE 2015
Yet again amazing roads, amazing hotels and best of all an amazing group of Cannonballers, look forward to next year, with or without a gearbox

David & Simon Ferrari California (UK), CBRE 2014
The week spent on Cannonball Run Europe was probably the best experience I have ever enjoyed (with my car that is!). From start to finish the organisation was second to none, all the destinations, hotels and attention to detail were absolutely spot on. As a virgin Cannonballer, I can assure you that I will be back for another chance to be part of a very special week.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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