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6th September – 11th September 2020

The best driving experience in Europe

  • Pre start event meet and greet on Saturday 5th September
  • 7 Nights accommodation with breakfast and evening meal
  • Full decal pack for vehicles
  • The excitement of the daily unknown Top secret Destinations
  • Stunning scenery and locations along the route
  • Use of international track
  • Unbeatable camaraderie between fellow Cannonballers
  • Black tie gala Dinner with live entertainment on final evening
  • Top prizes to be won

Reserve Your Place

Total entry price: £4,695.00

Reserve your place today with a £2000 deposit

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Based on 1 car with 2 people sharing a double or twin room.
Rates for extra entrants and separate rooms, please contact us

Are you ready to join other like-minded Cannonballers for a challenging yet fun experience?

An exciting line up of up to 50 cars will leave from the start designation in London on Sunday 6th September 2020.

The start venue will be Park Plaza Westminster, which will give you a glimpse of the quality accommodation you will be staying in .

The first part of this year’s Cannonball Run Europe will be a meet and greet on the evening of Saturday 5th September. Here you will have the chance to meet the team as well as fellow Cannonballers, before starting your mission the next morning.

After seven nights and six days of driving covering around 2000 miles, we will return to the UK via the Eurostar for a black tie gala dinner and award ceremony with live entertainment once again at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel.

The Mission

Cannonball has always been about enjoying the driving meeting new people and generally having a fantastic week but let’s not forget the aim of the week.

61 MPH!!!

Yes, that’s what it’s really about, who can average the closest to that that magic speed over the whole event, and don’t forget there are prizes for who can get the closest on a daily basis. Surely it can’t be that difficult, can it?

Unlike previous years 2020 will be different as we are now introducing an electronic timing system for all cars which will make it more precise when working out the daily and overall times.

We are also currently working on a bespoke smartphone app which will deliver your mission each morning as well as other information needed for the day ahead.

But most of all just like the Cannonball events of previous years we will be giving away a free entry into the 2021 run to the winner of this year’s event.

Throughout each of the days, we have prepared a route which will hopefully keep things exciting, as well as the chance for you to take in some breath-taking scenery. Some days are long runs others slightly shorter, and some days will include mountain passes. Don’t be surprised to occasionally be sent somewhat off course with the odd waypoint or two.

Every evening you will arrive at another amazing location, evening meal will be provided in the hotel or local restaurant followed by the daily awards ceremony. Beyond that, the nights are your own to party with the Cannonballers or recover ready for the next day.

Another feature of the trip will be the use of an international race track on one of the days, we will have further details on this to follow.

After seven nights and six days of driving covering around 2000 miles, we will return to the UK via the Eurostar for a black tie gala dinner and award ceremony with live entertainment at the Ashford International Hotel, TN24 8UX

The Route

Nice Try! You didn’t think it would be that easy did you.

Our route is top secret, adding to the excitement and anticipation of your adventure.

The route this year remains in excess of 2000 miles. We have tested the route already – all we can say is you are in for a treat. We will be staying in some fabulous hotels, with the opportunity to let off some steam with your fellow cannonballers each night.

The start venue will be the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, which will give you a glimpse of the quality accommodation you will be staying in.

The only other thing we can say about the route is be prepared to take in some breath-taking scenery and who knows maybe have the odd snowball fight.

You only have to look at some of our past events to get a flavour of the routes we have taken to realise it was planned by a driving enthusiast.

View past event galleries


1st prize for winning the event overall – Free entry to 2021 Trophy and champagne

2nd prize for overall – £500 off 2021 trophy and champagne

3rd prize for overall – Trophy and champagne

Team prize (randomly generated) – Trophies and champagne

Best Fancy dress of the week – Mclaren driving experience

Spirit of the Cannonball (the team voted for by other Cannonballers) – Trophy and Champagne

Sticker bomb competition – Trophy and Champagne

Plus, other prizes to be announced

The Rules

1. Cannonball Run Europe is not a road race.
Teams are not expected (or permitted) to break any road traffic laws.

2. Cannonball Run is made up of a number of Missions, usually one, sometimes two, per day. Some, but not all, of your Missions will be timed
At the start of each Mission, you will be given a Mission Pack containing all relevant details, including Destination and whether the Mission is being timed. You may drive any route you wish to reach the Destination Checkpoint.

3. Unless stated otherwise beforehand, your Start Time for any Mission is noted as the moment you are given your Mission Pack.

4. On timed Missions, we calculate your average speed based on a pre-determined set distance (clearly stated in your Mission Pack) and note the variance (+ or -) from 61 mph.

This variance, your standing, is updated with each timed stage. For example:

Mission Target MPH Actual MPH Varience Standing
1 61 71 +10 +10
2 61 46 -15 -5
3 61 63 +2 -3

The Team with the smallest variance at the end is the winner!

5. Unless otherwise stated, all Destination Checkpoints have designated Opening and Closing Times as indicated in the Mission Packs.
Teams arriving at a Destination Checkpoint after the designated Closing Time (or failing to obtain an official Checkpoint reading) will automatically be allocated the Official Closing Time for that Checkpoint.
Teams arriving before the designated Opening Time of any Destination Checkpoint will automatically be allocated the Official Opening Time for that Checkpoint.
There is no advantage to be gained by arriving early.

6. Loitering outside or near a Checkpoint to delay your time being recorded is against the rules and considered not to be in keeping with the spirit of the event, any Team found doing so may be disqualified from the competition.

7. It will not always be possible to achieve an exact average mileage of 61mph for every stage.

8. The stated mileage for each Mission is the one used for calculating average speeds.
No claims for variance against this mileage as recorded by the participant’s vehicles will be entertained.

9. You cannot win the event, or qualify for any timed awards, if you miss any of the Departure Checkpoints. This is classed as the driving team being present at the Checkpoint Desk between the Official Opening and Closing Times of that Checkpoint.

10. If you miss one of the departure checkouts this will disqualify you from winning the whole event but still allow you to win daily awards

11. To qualify for any stage, the driver of the vehicle at Checkpoint Departure and Checkpoint Arrival must be one designated to that vehicle at time of Registration.

12. Cannonball trophies are awarded to Stage Leaders at the end of each Timed Mission.

13. The winning Team at the end of Cannonball Run Europe 2020 will be the team with the least variance to 61mph

14. The decision of the Timings Manager and ultimately the Mission Director is final.

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